We are monitoring the ongoing situation regarding Coronavirus and we want to keep our clients aware that we intend to honour our bookings in full. However, should we find ourselves in unprecedented territory with this pandemic, then we would offer the following solutions:



Should the Venue no longer be able to operate, then we are happy to:

  • Move your date to another future date in 2020, wherever possible

  • Move to another venue, if you choose to move your venue



We appreciate that numbers will drop as a result of guests not wishing to travel, then:

  • We charge ‘per guest’ and therefore do not stipulate a minimum number of guests when quoting, so you will not be penalised for changing the number of your guests attending!

  • We will reduce the guest numbers accordingly and only change for those guests

  • If your booking is within the next 2 weeks and you have already paid in full, then we would not be able to reduce the guest numbers as we would have put in place our orders for that number of guests already



Our deposit (between £200 and £350 depending on event) are non-refundable as per our terms of quotation, Invoice and online terms, these are used for a number of processes.... covers costs of tastings (which we do not charge separately for), contributes towards our promotions, advertising and running of our business. We deduct it from your final balance, so it really is a deducted deposit from your overall catering cost.


We therefore will not be refunding any deposits paid, but will move your date to a mutually agreeable date so that we can still perform our Catering duties for you.


We appreciate that you may decide to cancel your day due to the uncertainties, we therefore will happily do the following:

  • If you cancel your booking giving us at least 14 days notice, then we will cancel your booking without any further cost to you

  • If you cancel your booking giving between 14 and 7 days notice, then we do not usually offer a refund as per our ‘Express contract’ in the form of our quotation, emails and correspondence requesting payment in full 2 weeks prior. However due to the nature surrounding the circumstances of any cancellation from Coronavirus then there will be a refund of 40% of the catering costs paid by you (less the initial deposit), as we would have already put into place various orders from our suppliers for ingredients, catering equipment, stock, some wage costs and use of profit for business overheads etc. In all cases we would already have paid in advance to ensure delivery. We do not operate credit accounts with our suppliers simply because we receive payment from our clients 14 days prior to any booking, so we have no need for credit terms. However, we will move your date to a future date and do our best to keep the ingredients already purchased. If we do have to throw away produce then we will replenish this stock/ingredients for your future date at our cost! So there would be no further expense to you, with any date move!

  • If you cancel your booking with less than 7 days notice, then there will be no refund for the reasons stated above with even further costs involved, in preparation for your day. However, also as mentioned above, we will still move your date to a future date and still provide the catering at no additional cost to you



  • If you prefer to play it safe and change your date to the future, then we will happily move your date or if you wish to delay but do not have a new date in mind, then we will hold your booking until you inform us of the date change, we will always accommodate your date change wherever possible

  • If you have already paid for your event but simply wish to change the date, then we will honour your booking for when we have the new date in the diary


We fully intend to provide our service as quoted in our detailed email at the outset, however:

  • We may need to reduce the service from ‘table/plated' service to ‘Buffet’' service if we have a high level of staff isolation. We are confident that we will be fine, this will only be a last resort and we will inform you of this prior to your day, if it is necessary at all

  • Should we have to reduce our level of service, then our price would also reduce accordingly

  • We may find that some of our suppliers will struggle to get our dedicated ingredients to us in a timely manner, so with this in mind then we would source alternative ingredients, this would have no effect on the quality of our food, but may mean slight changes to certain ingredients.

In closing, we feel that we have been and will continue to be as accommodating as possible. We are all in unknown territory and we will always do our best for our clients! Our aim is to be fair, honest and transparent, as always!

Andy & Debbie Todd